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12 Ways To Maintain Balance in Relationships

You consider yourself a level-headed spiritual person. But when certain relationships come along, they can knock you off of your center. Well here are 12 easy ways to maintain harmony in your relationships. These tips can be applied to any type of relationship, whether romantic, familial, friendship, professional, etc.
1- Enjoy self responsibility. Remember that what other people do is less important than the fact that you create your own reality and experiences.
2- Since you are a powerful creator, use your energy to focus upon what you want and what you are appreciative of already having. The human tendency is to focus on what is wrong however this deletes your energy, and also weakens your relationships.
3- Surround yourself with supportive friends. If you can avoid talking about your relationship issues with others that could be wise, but sharing with positive, optimistic, appreciative friends or counselors could yield even more benefit than mulling things over alone.
4- Practice healthy self-care so that you are full emotionally and spiritually. If you are energetically depleted it is much harder to give to another, or to be there for them. Nourish yourself in practical ways, such as with healthy food, sleep and meditation in order to reach your fullness of spirit. Then relations with others will naturally be improved.
5- Pre-pave your interactions. Before dealing with people or your partner, envision the positive outcomes that you would like, such as feeling harmony, or light-hearted, see yourselves smiling together etc. Don’t hold rigidly to these expectations, but know that having sent the positive energy will have a resonant effect on the vibration of your interaction and will uplift those involved.
6- Practice gratitude. Rehearse what is going well in your life in general, and that you have positive relationships, etc. Then focus on specifically what it is that you love about your partner, or friends.
7- Sharing what you love and appreciate about a person with them is an amazing way to bring good vibes to you both.
8- Share with others in general. Thoughtfulness and good intentions are often received well. Small gestures can carry a lot of power when done with love.
9- Read The 5 Languages of Love by Dr. Gary Chapman and discover what most brings you pleasure in human interactions. Interview your partner and learn about their needs and wishes.
10- When you are tempted to criticize another ask yourself if you would have done any better in their situation. This is a great way to cultivate tolerance and compassion.
11- Use humor to transmute energy in relationships. If something rubs you the wrong way, take a moment to take a step back and you may find another perspective which can be lighter, or even funny!

12- See your partner’s divine self. If you focus on a person’s soul it is easier to appreciate them and see the genuine goodness within them. Everyone’s ego personality has flaws but their divine self is unlimited beauty, grace and goodness.

Dr. Rahman Beckwith is a holistic practitioner who integrates positive psychology and spirituality to create unique healing sessions. Find her books on

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