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July 2016

Time Travel (Or Rewriting Memory Patterns)

I have recently become aware of the poignant power that visualization offers. Since the mind is unable to differentiate between visuals that are contrived by imagination and those that are truly seen, or remembered, we have a beautiful opportunity. We can change the past since it only exists in our memories and not as a tangible external reality. This means, if you have a memory that causes you pain, you can go back to the… Read More »Time Travel (Or Rewriting Memory Patterns)

Evil Eye Psychology and the trap of blame

The concept of “the evil eye” is very popular in many Eastern cultures. It is the idea that people, by putting their attention on you, can negatively affect you. For example, it is commonly believed that they may be jealous of some positive aspect of your life experience. Their feeling may range from very mild to an extreme ill will towards you. It is said that this can cause you to have feelings of illness,… Read More »Evil Eye Psychology and the trap of blame


I have recently come to understand the distinction between GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION.  I have been happy to be an increasingly frequent practicer of gratitude, but have discovered that appreciation allows for even greater joy! Gratitude is the enjoyment of a circumstance, situation, person, etc., from the standpoint of contrast.  For example, we say, “I am sooo grateful for this summer heat after that long winter that we had.”  While this method of appreciating by contrast… Read More »Appreciation!

You are your own paradise!

Positive thinking is amazing! It turns your mind into your own personal paradise. Your mind becomes a vast space, overflowing with grateful thoughts, happiness, humor and love. You become your own best protector, and good company. A happy mind is an amazing gift to give yourself! Invest in yourself with happiness coaching here!