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August 2016

How to Solve that Problem?!

Most people have underlying beliefs, or faith, or previous experiences etc. which would help them to access a more positive perspective surrounding current problems. Often these beliefs are not accesible, however, in the mental state of anxiety or of endlessly searching for solutions. Research shows that in happier emotional states brain activity is enhanced and one can see various solutions more easily!  So contrary to what many believe, feeling better often precedes finding solutions. In other… Read More »How to Solve that Problem?!

Self Talk

Would you relentlessly find fault with and doubt your best friend?  I don’t think so.  So why are we sometimes so critical of ourselves? The term self-talk is used in psychology to explain that inner voice that we all have.  When we make a mistake, do we have compassion for ourselves, or do we berate our skills?  When we look in the mirror do we see our most beautiful attributes and bright potential, or do… Read More »Self Talk

Reaching for Joy

Sometimes we are having one of those days that didn’t start out well, or when we don’t feel 100% ourselves.  That does not mean we can’t reach for happiness!  Or at least we can monitor our thoughts and feel better than we did a minute before. That is the beauty in seeking peace and joy; even if we don’t reach levels of ecstasy every day (for example if we’re really tired one day), we can… Read More »Reaching for Joy

The Happiness Advantage

I’ve just finished reading The Happiness Advantage, by Harvard’s Shawn Achor.  It was a great read, full of engaging stories and evidence to amplify his points! He discusses Positive Psychology and the breakthrough research that becoming happy should happen BEFORE success (and not after it as most people beleive)! The Happiness Advantage refers to the fact that happier people are actually scientifically proven to be able to use more of their brains, to see more… Read More »The Happiness Advantage