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October 2017

Visualization Exercise

VISUALIZATION EXERCISE YOU MUST TRY! Another way (besides listing goals) to get aligned with your future is to do visualization work… Let’s says that you want to improve a specific category of your life, for example, career satisfaction. You can write down or imagine what an ideal work day would look like for you: How do you begin your day? When do you go to work? Where are you working? With whom do you interact… Read More »Visualization Exercise

Let Go of Your Questions

I’ve just returned from a fabulous tour of Europe which featured Positive Thinking workshops!  As thrilling as it was to see Spain, France, Malta and Italy, the lessons that I bring back from the seminars are just as valuable as the rich cultural experience! One point that stayed with me from the talks was about the idea of letting go of your questions.  Many people remain in a state of questioning, and are distressed because… Read More »Let Go of Your Questions