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October 2018

Video: 7 Tips For Empaths

(From Keeping the Saints Sane- A Humorous Guide to Surviving As A Spiritual Being in A Material World by Dr. Rahman Beckwith) Signs of being an empath, or someone who sense other people’s energy include feeling overwhelmed in crowded places, malls etc. Sensitivity to strong-willed people (you know, those who have an agenda for you! – they want something and believe that YOU are pivotal for their plans) Even feeling sensitivities to the energy of… Read More »Video: 7 Tips For Empaths

Does Traveling Make You Happier??

Who doesn’t love to travel? Seeing new places and having adventures appeals to many people. But can traveling really benefit our psyches? According to psychological research, planning a trip yields positive rewards far in advance to your departure. (In fact, in one study, just the planning alone was enough to increase happiness!) Why is it important to get away from normal life? Our minds are trained to memorize our daily routines, and thus in order… Read More »Does Traveling Make You Happier??