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6 Tips to Beat Winter Lockdown Blues

Philadelphia just closed down for quarantine. London closed a few weeks ago. Many places are promoting solitude, and it looks like we will have a long winter, but you can make the most of it!! Here are some great ideas that you might like to try:

  1. Get FRESH AIR. Whether you can go outside or at least open your windows, take some conscious breaths, meditating on the vibrant oxygen that is fresh from nature. Enjoy being connected to the trees, birds, other people and this whole planet. 
  2. REACH OUT to family, friends, & neighbors. Even if you are socially distant from people physically, that doesn’t prevent you from sending some positive emails to a few people, for example. Meditate and see who comes to your mind, and then send some happy “hellos” out! The good energy that you create will come back to you. 
  3. EXERCISE. Even if you can only dance, or stretch indoors, moving your body keeps you feeling vital and alive! Put on some inspiring audios and let your body flow!
  4. Amp up your SELF-CARE routine! Now that you are home more you have time to give yourself that facial, massage, warm bath, watch some comedy, etc. Meditate more. Read some positive books… check out my meditation MP3s and spiritual poetry & story books here!
  5. DECLUTTER and ORGANIZE your home. This is the perfect time to optimize your living space and make it more comfortable. 
  6. MEDITATE! I said it once and I’ll say it again. Meditation is a great inner escape. Stop by one of my meditation classes Wednesdays or Sundays and learn an ancient mystical meditation technique! Click here Or check out my many YouTube videos. 






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