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(Note: This article turned out a bit longer than I expected but it is worth your attention: IT COULD CHANGE YOUR REALITY AND LIFE! You could become EXTRAORDINARY!…)

Many of mankind’s concerns come from worry about PROVISION and SECURITY. This article addresses that in a way that will rock your world….

So I have known about the concept of Absolute Divine Unity from the lightning strikingly clear teachings of Abdul Quadir Jilani (ral.) for some time. He puts it in Sufi terms, encouraging humans not to see fellow creatures as causes of harm or benefit but to rather “cling to the door of the Lord of Truth”. There one awaits one’s allotted worldly shares, receiving them from God in honor and dignity instead of groveling after them in the world.

I have come to the understand how this “groveling” translates to energetic vampirism and is the cause of many problems. Believing in duality causes you to look to the world and to other people to fill your needs. You look to people to improve your worldly conditions, to supply you with energy in the form of love, money, praise, recognition, approval, food, gifts, etc. This causes a lot of discord, tension and disappointment because the material world was never meant to be lasting or reliable. Ultimately the Divine Source within you and all around you should be what you look to for this fulfillment.

Thus, the solution is to connect to God through an understanding of absolute Divine Unity. Many people touch upon this understanding and practice having faith, when chalking up situations that they can’t discern or control to God in good faith. In this way situations such as illness or uncertainty command surrender from many people. HOWEVER few people manage to live in a state of CONSTANT RECOGNITION that God is the one and only doer, sustainer, provider, judger, etc. This would require existing in a state of constant remembrance of God (or ‘zikr’).

In the past only saints, or unique beings have achieved this state of awareness. It is certainly a game-changing level of consciousness offering a transcendent and enjoyable perspective of reality! We can love God and all of creation as part of our Divine Self. We can manifest what we need with ease and grace.

The good news is that achieving this state of mind is not really beyond our capacities!

You see, luckily we have many opportunities to climb up to this heavenly state where our understanding, consciousness and perspective are connected to the Source of all reality. You probably have an area in your life that is driving you to this perspective right now. Think of something in your life that you feel is not “enough”. Any area where you feel that you aren’t receiving enough from the world is a call for you to turn to the ultimate Source within you. Or it could be an area where you feel that you yourself aren’t enough. For people this often relates to money or relationships as those are sensitive subjects which offer great learning opportunities.

In any case, you must turn to your Divine connection to fulfill your needs, whatever they may be. Otherwise you may be trying to fill your depleted feelings from the world (in a vampiric way). But most creatures are just as depleted as you are and cannot fill a void which in truth, can only be satisfied by your own Divine connection. No person, place or thing can be your supplier! The material dimension can NEVER provide a lasting adequate substitute for direct Divine connection!!! No amount of money, success, relationships, possessions etc. will ever fulfill the God-shaped-hole in your heart.

The good news is that once you set up your connection to the Divine through your new enlightened understandings, perhaps gleaned through regular meditation and connection to Source, you will have IMMENSE fulfillment and energy. You will have more power to achieve high level goals and to genuinely give to others. You will be as a God/Goddess on earth, meaning your connection to Divinity will be sustaining to you and provide light to those around you. You will be as Angels are, shining light, love, helpfulness, support, acceptance and approval to others because you are subsisting upon all of that yourself directly from God yourself, just as they do!

You will be able to love and give and work for others with an open heart knowing that the Universe reimburses all of your efforts many, many, many times over. You will receive that “payment” as infinite sustenance in the form of physical, material, mental, emotional and spiritual nourishment. It will sometimes come to you from sources you could not have imagined, and would not have expected. That is a trademark of Divine gracious giving to someone who is newly opening to this understanding; God will provide in surprising ways to show that there is truly infinite care, nourishment, protection and provision for you! So look for those surprises!

(See my YouTube video for a personal example! Click here

Incidentally a lot of blocks to “manifesting” what you desire come from not looking directly to the Source but rather looking to secondary sources. Because these sources are not truly your providers, they fall short and your adamant belief in them temporarily blocks you from receiving gifts more widely from the Universe.

I know it is a lot to ask for you, who live in this society on earth as it is now, to trust in the infinite abundance that the Universe has for you. You have been cut off from the natural world and you don’t see how food proliferates itself. Water also, is meant to be abundantly available to you. But you have been taught that you have to work hard to procure your basic human needs such as food and shelter and love and learning. You have been trained in lack consciousness. This was the proverbial “fall from the garden”. This was when humans were cut off from their birthright, a birthright which includes eternal connection to God as the source of abundance and goodness.

So now you have a chance to recover that state, and it is nice to be able to recognize how your current problems (and current blessings!) are pointing you to larger solutions. I hope you can take the lesson easily and grow in magnificent ways!!

If you need support or clarity in this, please contacting me for coaching services! Or buy my book You are God, a Handbook for the Divine in Each of Us to learn how to unfold this concept even further! (Available on Amazon or by emailing me.)

Much love and many blessings.

(PS. Please note that not everyone is able to digest this level of understanding. It requires a state of brain, and a certain level of enlightenment, to even ponder these concepts so I applaud you if you were able to read through to this point! Proper meditation, eating, exercise, duty, prayer,etc. can help you to assimilate these ideas even more fully into your life. Good luck!)


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