How to pull the sword from the stone- the King Arthur myth explained

What meaning does the great legend of King Arthur hold for us? Many stories teach wisdom so let us look deeply into the myth. What was it that Arthur did to become a legend? He softened his heart; he had kind qualities, justice in his kingdom for men, women and children. Peace. Equality. Fairness in governance, land distribution, and economy. These are aspects of the great kingdom of Camelot, which the legendary Arthur built.  Guided… Read More »How to pull the sword from the stone- the King Arthur myth explained

Pain and Discord call Us to the Inner Presence and Reflection

How often do you realize that your body is the mouthpiece for your spirit? If you are ill, upset or tired, it could be that your inner self is trying to communicate with you through physical means. If you do not feel well or are uncomfortable in a situation this could be the perfect indicator that REFLECTION is called for*. Using wisdom to understand your current circumstances is always beneficial. Perhaps you will feel guided… Read More »Pain and Discord call Us to the Inner Presence and Reflection

The Necessity and Magnificence of Solitude

If this year has taught us anything, it could be the ability to thrive in solitude. Quarantine lockdown left many people with significantly less socializing outlets. While we adapted with online meetings, most people were forced to come to deeper resonance with themselves.  Learning to thrive in solitude is so important. We have been given a magnificent opportunity. Meditating, healing your own emotions, and learning to cultivate a peaceful inner world is essential for a… Read More »The Necessity and Magnificence of Solitude

Financial Stability and Peace of Mind

Do you agree that being a stable, centered, spiritual being means having a sound grasp of your material and financial wellbeing? Some people avoid issues around prosperity because of hidden fears regarding their finances. Conceptions around lack of money may have been learned at an early age, and not yet been resolved within one’s mind. The good news is that you CAN CHANGE YOUR ABUNDANCE MINDSET!  By making the intention to take steps towards an… Read More »Financial Stability and Peace of Mind

Investing Psychology

Investing and Psychology  Right now is an exciting time for those who are in the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. But investing can have a lot of psychological ups and downs.  In order to have a balanced approach to investing, it is important to be CLEAR. I teach weekly meditation classes, and I have many guided meditation videos on YouTube.  In addition to establishing your inner, spiritual clarity it can be helpful to… Read More »Investing Psychology