Learn to Master Your Inner World!

Feel better in Just 10 Minutes!

Build a heavenly retreat within your heart!


Are you tired of looking outside of yourself for happiness?

Do you suffer from broken relationships, lack of abundance, or physical imbalances.  You can change!

You are a powerful hero capable of reclaiming your inner realm! 

Dr. Rahman is here to guide you on this journey with an easy 3-step program to help you regain your personal sovereignty.  Once you reclaim your inner landscape, you will become more competent, attractive and abundant!


3 Steps to Inner Peace Program *

1.The E-Courses

2. The Meditation Instructions (MP3) 💿  (includes a free live interactive meditation class with the Doctor!)

3. The Guidebooks 📚


Pay Only $295


“You have an amazing, unique way of leading the meditations” 

“I haven’t been sad since I started your course two months ago.”

“Since using your E-course I can really feel a difference. It’s helping me to create good boundaries.” 

“In this last guided meditation, I really felt something. Something different than my own inner peace. It was definitely something stronger, full of light. The feeling was powerful and I knew it was not me, it was a presence, a higher power.” – Marie Wilson, UK


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Dr. Beckwith’s Training:
Psy.D.- Holistic and Spiritual Psychology, Eisner Institute
M.S.- Counseling, International Institute for Restorative Practices
B.A.- Molecular Biology, Princeton University


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*The 3 Step course includes the Positive Thinking and Self Esteem E-courses, Self Healing Meditation MP3s, You are God- A Handbook for the Divine in Each of Us, and Keeping the Saints Sane- A Humorous Guide to Surviving as a Spiritual Being in a Material World E-books- a $360 value! You can study these easy, short lessons at your own pace! To learn more about the E-courses and E-books included in this program click here.



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