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Divine Love- a healer of the psyche

Happy Valentine’s Day! On this auspicious day which celebrates love, I want to address an important topic-DIVINE LOVE.  I have found that the secret to healing most, if not all, human ills lies in this.

In moments of meditation, peaceful enjoyment of nature, stillness, or when experiencing compassion, beautiful music or other such soul inspiration, one can taste a hint of this Divine Love. There is a wellspring of this love and peace in our hearts that can bring us into paradisaical states of peace of mind. However, in order for it to be sustaining one needs to cultivate it.

The GOOD NEWS is that cultivating this divine sustenance is not difficult!  It mostly takes intention and effort, but the efforts are easy and pleasant.  Such efforts may include:

-meditation (here is a link to a 4 minute breathing meditation that I teach called Zikr

-listening to spiritual music

-reading spiritual poetry such as that of Rumi or Hafiz or reading loving, holy books

-discussing the overwhelming evidence of blessings, abundance and grace in your life either to yourself or with another person

-doing kind, compassionate, and charitable acts, and thus BECOMING this Love which you can embody!

Through purposeful steps such as these, anyone can begin to develop their heart into a realm of LOVE which is unconditional and never fails.  This is an enduring love worth pursuing and experiencing!

For help with these processes see my happiness coaching services and e-course!

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