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Does Traveling Make You Happier??

Who doesn’t love to travel? Seeing new places and having adventures appeals to many people. But can traveling really benefit our psyches?

According to psychological research, planning a trip yields positive rewards far in advance to your departure. (In fact, in one study, just the planning alone was enough to increase happiness!)

Why is it important to get away from normal life? Our minds are trained to memorize our daily routines, and thus in order to expand ourselves, we need to break that programming. Meditation can help a person to achieve this. So can being immersed in new sights, and time zones, with new people, and itineraries!

If you aren’t able to manage long travels, then even a weekend, or day trip could yield benefits. If you can find something inspiring to do locally, that is wonderful! Simply moving yourself to good places can create positive new momentum in your life.

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Dr. Rahman Beckwith integrates Positive Psychology and spirituality to create unique approaches to wellness. A graduate of Princeton University, she is a global speaker and author of many books available on and her website  Follow her Facebook page Holistic Therapy with Dr. Rahman and her Instagram, Dr.RahmanBeckwith, for more updates!

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