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Falling in Love… With God!

“I Have Found the One My Soul Loves”* 

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to deliberately fall in love with God? Creating an eternal, loving relationship with the Divine that is within you and all around you, can be immensely satisfying!

Join Charity on her journey of discovery as she escapes from the confines of human concepts of love, and finds a love that transcends all….

“She understood why people searched for love. It was a material representation of the greater Divine love and security that all truly seek. People do not realize that their true desire is for the everlasting love which is actually within their own hearts! So instead of pursuing enlightened realization of self-love and Divine reality, they look outside of themselves, always trying to find something to satisfy their longings.

But nothing can satisfy the heart other than the fullness of itself. And a heart is not made full by things that are ephemeral, passing, or unreliable.”

About the Author: Dr. Rahman Beckwith is a graduate of Princeton University and holds advanced degrees in Holistic and Spiritual Psychology. She integrates Positive Psychology and spirituality in her global teaching and healing work. Find her books on Amazon or visit her site

* Solomon 3:4 KJV

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