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How to Create Your BOUNDARIES from an Energetic Perspective

As spiritual beings we are all connected but discomfort generally occurs when one is not connected to themselves. Then our interactions with others can be overwhelming and cause confusion.

In order to have good boundaries I would suggest two elements:

1. Have a strong spiritual routine to keep you centered and in touch with your True Self
2. Find ways to be grounded (eating well, spending time in nature, exercising, receiving massage etc).

If your energy is strong you will be more impervious to outside influences. Rather than being like a helium balloon that is battered this way and that from the wind, you will be like a tree, swaying slightly, however remaining comfortably in your own space.

To be in touch with your Self generally requires cleansing your energy through meditation and prayer in order to be connected to your true Self without impediment.

This inner connection results in feelings of peace and harmony which can then be brought to the world as a protection. These qualities provide a shield in the sense that when you have established peace and are committed to living in peace, the influences that approach you are either transformed as they come into contact with your strong sense of solidity in your goodness, or they simply bounce off of your energy field as it maintains its peaceful set point.

Once you have established your own sense of well being, you can be in tune with it. By having communication with yourself you can notice right away when you feel uncomfortable in a situation or a person’s presence. That discomfit signals you that you can check in with your wisdom about the best way to keep proper boundaries in the situation. Generally your intuition can then guide you to gracefully respond to the circumstance. Communicating with the other person (or people) may be a part of this, in order for your to more clearly discern the energies that you are sensing from them, and for you to be able to respond in the most kind and appropriate manner.

If you have not done the work to clear and maintain your own energy you may be irritated, agitated, angry, hungry, or feel off balance in some other way, as you translate the energy of others during what may feel to be an intrusion of their energy in your space. You may even temporarily take on their opinions or feelings. Or you may react more strongly than you would like to due to your hypersensitivity. Something in their energy may be triggering something that is residing in your energy.  Again, the solution to this is cleansing and buffing up your own energy field in order to be full of your Self. Then other things cannot find space in your energy field to jump in and agitate you.

Think about some ways in which you center and ground now.

Some techniques that could be added to your routine include:
– prayers specifically for protection (for example invoking Archangel Michael)
– meditations on your heart center
– meditations on your crown chakra or Soul
– breathing meditations (for a YouTube video on my favorite method click here:
– yoga
– exercise
– spiritual reading
– listening to spiritual music
– spending time in nature
It is important to do these regularly. Just as you cleanse your body daily, you want to maintain your emotional and spiritual energy as well.
To learn more about boundaries and listening to your inner voice as opposed to society’s, you can take my E-course. 
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