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How to pull the sword from the stone- the King Arthur myth explained

What meaning does the great legend of King Arthur hold for us? Many stories teach wisdom so let us look deeply into the myth.

What was it that Arthur did to become a legend? He softened his heart; he had kind qualities, justice in his kingdom for men, women and children. Peace. Equality. Fairness in governance, land distribution, and economy. These are aspects of the great kingdom of Camelot, which the legendary Arthur built. 

Guided by the mysterious and magical Merlin, Arthur was able to develop the greatness he had within. He developed the kingdom of his own heart by becoming sovereign over himself.  

Consequently, Arthur’s nature changed the material world around him.  Hard hearts become soft under such a gentle, balanced, light-filled influence. And even stones soften and give up their swords to such kings. Thus Arthur drew the legendary sword Excalibur from its resting place in a rock, proving himself to be the once and future king.

When we develop ourselves through meditation, we too can reclaim our divine nature, filling ourselves with goodness, and become the Kings and Queens that we were meant to be.

In a coming issue we may delve into the meaning of the mystical swords, such as Excalibur and the sword of Ali (ral.).

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