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How to turn IRRITATION into COMPASSION-Overcome Irritation and Feel Compassion with This Perspective

Acknowledging that people are in different phases of their mental, emotional and spiritual development can help us to have compassion for them rather than irritation. This relieves us of the burden of feeling negativity for them, and gives them the gift of acceptance and appreciation! And when we show grace to others, we can also show that to the parts of ourselves that are still developing as well!

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In this short message I discuss the concept that different people are on earth to overcome different life issues.  In clearing these particular themes, such as race, gender, emotional  issues etc, these people are actually lifting up our collective civilization so that the future generations will not have to suffer through these same karmic patterns.  So the people that seem to be trudging around with heavy energy, negative dispositions, and attitudes that we would rather avoid, could in fact be THANKED for their contribution to the evolution of humanity though their carrying and transforming of difficult issues.

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~Dr. Rahman Beckwith integrates Positive Psychology and spirituality to create unique approaches to wellness. A graduate of Princeton University, she is a global speaker and the author of many books, e-courses, and CDs available on and her website Find her many videos on YouTube. Follow her Facebook page Holistic Therapy with Dr. Rahman and her Instagram, Dr.RahmanBeckwith, for updates!


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