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Illness and Your Attitude- how they affect each other

Illness and how you feel about your illness are two subjects. But interestingly how you perceive your condition can heal it. Your mind and body are so connected that the way you think about your physical state actually has a large affect on it!

If you feel guilt about letting yourself fall ill, fear about your physical weakness, or anxiety about time lost due to sickness for example, you are likely contributing to weakening your physical system. Studies show that depression and anxiety have measurable ramifications on the physical body.

If on the other hand, you are able to take a step back and acknowledge that you are doing alright, then you have a chance of strengthening your body. You try to be optimistic and realize that many people have physical challenges that resolve with time. You can affirm that your body is an amazing system that restores itself regularly. (If you want help with this, feel free to purchase my Self Healing Meditations CD or MP3s!)  These types of attitudes will calm you and actually help to bolster your immune system and healing process.

Of course, if you are unwell, seek the appropriate medical care, but in addition, seek the appropriate emotional and spiritual care because they affect the body as well!

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