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Let Go of Your Questions

I’ve just returned from a fabulous tour of Europe which featured Positive Thinking workshops!  As thrilling as it was to see Spain, France, Malta and Italy, the lessons that I bring back from the seminars are just as valuable as the rich cultural experience!

One point that stayed with me from the talks was about the idea of letting go of your questions.  Many people remain in a state of questioning, and are distressed because they do not have the answers to their queries or problems.

The wise path to follow would involve releasing the question, and moving oneself to a state of open-minded receptivity.  From this perspective new answers can come to you.  Meditation can help with this process.  It was Einstein who said that answers do not come to the mind when it is in the questioning state.  One must shift to a place of enlightened openness in order to RECEIVE the solutions.  Additionally, it is much more PEACEFUL and JOYFUL to be in a state of awaiting and receiving solutions, than to be mulling over issues.

For guidance on meditation, see my YouTube video about Zikr Breathing Meditation here, or contact me for healing services in which I can teach meditation to you.



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