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Pain and Discord call Us to the Inner Presence and Reflection

How often do you realize that your body is the mouthpiece for your spirit? If you are ill, upset or tired, it could be that your inner self is trying to communicate with you through physical means.

If you do not feel well or are uncomfortable in a situation this could be the perfect indicator that REFLECTION is called for*. Using wisdom to understand your current circumstances is always beneficial.

Perhaps you will feel guided to engage in more energizing or balancing spiritual practices, or to have a better diet, exercise routine, or general use of your time, etc. There are any number of insights that you might receive about your circumstances.

While pain or discomfort do not need to be the primary catalyst to call you to connect with the Divine, or your inner self, they can be reminders. It is even better to have a regular spiritual practice that allows you to check in with yourself daily. 

If you would like help in learning to quiet your mind & develop your inner wisdom, check out my Self Healing Meditation Mp3s here!

*If you have serious issues and need professional help, also contact the appropriate medical professional.

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