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I am Rumi, Where is My Shams?


Based on a true story, in this exciting tale the author takes us on an adventure to Turkey to discover the answer to life’s most important questions: Who am I? Why am I here? How can I become all that I am meant to be?

E-book version, Audiobook or Paperback

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Travel with our character Rumi as he visits historic Istanbul, attends a secret whirling dervish retreat in Yalova, learns an ancient meditation technique, falls in love, visits the burial place of his namesake, and more!
As you watch the protagonist’s life fill with meaning, you too will be inspired!

Readers say:
“The story takes you to a fantastic land filled with love, spirituality and excitement.”
“Such a light, delightful tale of self-inquiry and fulfillment. A modern vision quest towards love and wisdom”
“Stepping into the unknown to discover who we truly are and our divine life purpose could be the catalyst for change that we all seek on a deeper level”


E-book, Audiobook, Paperback


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