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Reaching for Joy

Sometimes we are having one of those days that didn’t start out well, or when we don’t feel 100% ourselves.  That does not mean we can’t reach for happiness!  Or at least we can monitor our thoughts and feel better than we did a minute before.

That is the beauty in seeking peace and joy; even if we don’t reach levels of ecstasy every day (for example if we’re really tired one day), we can still be aware of our mental/emotional state and do what is in our power to guide our thoughts in constructive ways that will make us feel better.

Take a look at the emotional scale at the bottom of the page.  Try to move up the scale when you are able to do so.  Sometimes you might only be able to reach for Hopefulness, or Contentment.  Maybe you can jump up to Optimism and Positive Expectation.  On really good days you might fly high in Joy, Appreciation, Empowerment and Love!

Don’t judge yourself for being lower on the scale sometimes, but use your intelligence to work your way up into better states.  As you move up the scale you become a higher functioning person, with more energy and positive ideas.  Research shows that your brain actually functions better when you are happy!  And if you find yourself unable to move up the scale, get busy doing some task and don’t ruminate.  You can try again later when it is easier.

Until next time, smile 🙂   And if you can’t manage that, at least try to not to frown 😉

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