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Self Love and Reparenting

Many people do not feel completely loved and this can stem from relationship patterns learned in childhood.  People may endlessly seek love but not know how to RECEIVE it due to feelings of unworthiness, or a lack of understanding of how to engage in loving relationships.

Reparenting is a type of psychotherapy which addresses this by having the therapist assume the role of a surrogate parent.  Theoretically, this helps the client to receive the feelings of love, nurturing, care and protection.

Reparenting ONESELF is a powerful technique in which YOU acknowledge your inner child and your need for support.  Then YOU provide that emotional and physical support to yourself now.

You can do specific exercises where you imagine situations from your childhood where you would have liked to have been cared for differently, and you imagine going into that scene and hugging yourself, rescuing yourself, etc.

You may also apply this to your current life effectively.  For example, you can actively establish a consciousness of being proud of yourself, cheering yourself on, and being doting upon yourself as you imagine that a loving parent would.

Purposefully decide to LOVE and ACCEPT yourself, and to give yourself the parenting that you wish you had received!  This can heal your current relationships.

For help with self love please see my wellness coaching and healing services.

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