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Self Talk

Would you relentlessly find fault with and doubt your best friend?  I don’t think so.  So why are we sometimes so critical of ourselves?

The term self-talk is used in psychology to explain that inner voice that we all have.  When we make a mistake, do we have compassion for ourselves, or do we berate our skills?  When we look in the mirror do we see our most beautiful attributes and bright potential, or do we look at the apparent flaws?

A friend of mine recently shared that she’s started talking to herself out loud in encouraging and positive ways.  That seemed like an effective way to drown out the negative voices that we’ve internalized over time, in a culture that might not have been as appreciative of our gifts as it could have been.  You don’t have to talk out loud (that could be awkward :)) but you can learn to monitor your inner voice and cultivate a kind, supportive tone towards yourself.

By consciously re-training your self talk you can become much happier, as well as more self-confident and capable!

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