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Energy Healing

Energy Healing appointments are very relaxing healing sessions, which combine energy work and verbal guidance.  They are wonderful in helping you to move forward in areas of your life where you may feel stressed, depressed or stagnant. The movement occurs as we facilitate releasing of your blockages and uplifting of your energy, in order to achieve the improvements that you desire.

$249.oo / hr

Medical Intuitive Sessions

If you have a health issue we can discuss potential emotional and energetic pre-cursors which may be exacerbating your physical issues.

(Please note that this will be performed by working from insight and will not provide a medical diagnoses.)


$265.oo / hr

Positive Thinking Appreciation-Based Healing

Based on research and scientific evidence, this service is geared towards making you happier! 

This is cutting edge therapy consists of appreciation-enhancing brain reprogramming sessions. These sessions can change your brain chemistry . That means where you had been interpreting things negatively, you can change your thoughts and therefore change your whole life experience!

$650 for 4 Sessions


Oracle card readings and other types of consultations are available. 


Individually Tailored Sessions

These sessions may be available upon request. Email to inquire.

Prices vary .

Meditation Classes

Online meditation and positive thinking classes.

Sundays 2:30pm EST or by appointment.

Please note that sessions require at least 24 hour prior notification of cancellation.

*I am sensitive to budgetary needs, as I feel that happiness and support is something that should be available to everyone, so I offer a Fellowship discount as well as various package discounts for those who may be students, disabled, unemployed, etc. If you feel that you would qualify for paying less than the full hourly rate, please email me at to inquire about receiving a discount.


Disclaimer: The services and products on this site are not meant to diagnose or treat mental illness.  This practitioner does not diagnose or prescribe medications.  These services are complimentary and alternative options.  If you need medical attention, please seek the appropriate healthcare professional. If you are under 18 years of age please seek permission from a parent or guardian when using these products and services.



*Prices subject to change. All purchases are final. Exchanges may be allowed in some cases.

Choose to be Happy, Choose You

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