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Does Traveling Make You Happier??

Who doesn’t love to travel? Seeing new places and having adventures appeals to many people. But can traveling really benefit our psyches? According to psychological research, planning a trip yields positive rewards far in advance to your departure. (In fact, in one study, just the planning alone was enough to increase happiness!) Why is it important to get away from normal life? Our minds are trained to memorize our daily routines, and thus in order… Read More »Does Traveling Make You Happier??

Self Love and Reparenting

Many people do not feel completely loved and this can stem from relationship patterns learned in childhood.  People may endlessly seek love but not know how to RECEIVE it due to feelings of unworthiness, or a lack of understanding of how to engage in loving relationships. Reparenting is a type of psychotherapy which addresses this by having the therapist assume the role of a surrogate parent.  Theoretically, this helps the client to receive the feelings… Read More »Self Love and Reparenting

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (How to deal with memories)

There was an interesting movie some years ago called Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind that dealt with two characters who had broken up from a relationship.  One of them went to a specialist who could erase memories.  That movie chronicles their adventure. While we don’t necessarily have this magic overtly, all of us DO have the ability to control which memories dominate our minds, and with enough focus, we can forget what we don’t… Read More »Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (How to deal with memories)

Early to rise…

There is an old adage, “Early to bed, and early to rise, makes someone healthy, wealthy and wise.”  I have been testing this theory for the past several weeks and found it to be AMAZINGLY true! In addition to those high-performing professionals who start their days early, practitioners of many spiritual traditions around the world make a habit of waking before the sunrise.  The general consensus among successful individuals appears to be that doing several… Read More »Early to rise…

THE TRAIN PROCESS- A new positive thinking exercise to help you feel better fast!

I created this new exercise based on an analogy that I heard in a Positive Thinking seminar on a cruise last summer. The story was being told that your intentions are like a train. A strong desire pulls you towards your goal, but many people have so many resistant thoughts that they feel blocked from making much progress at all! In reality, their doubts, fears, and negative perspectives are keeping them stagnant because for every… Read More »THE TRAIN PROCESS- A new positive thinking exercise to help you feel better fast!