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Healing Videos!?!… What is ASMR?

A new phenomenon called ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is taking YouTube by storm.  This involves the practice of making videos which include relaxing stimuli, such as whispering or quiet speaking, direct conversation, and hypnotizing repetitive sounds.  The types of videos vary diversely but research is showing that there seems to be a measurable relaxation response to these types of videos for a number of people.  If you are interested in the research you can… Read More »Healing Videos!?!… What is ASMR?

Evil Eye Psychology and the trap of blame

The concept of “the evil eye” is very popular in many Eastern cultures. It is the idea that people, by putting their attention on you, can negatively affect you. For example, it is commonly believed that they may be jealous of some positive aspect of your life experience. Their feeling may range from very mild to an extreme ill will towards you. It is said that this can cause you to have feelings of illness,… Read More »Evil Eye Psychology and the trap of blame