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workplace wellness

WAKE UP! Overcoming Unconscious Programming

As a society we have come to exalt distorted values and to repress what should truly be exalted. For example, qualities such as compassion, generosity and kindness are often seen as weak and unnecessary while materialism dominates.  This is unhealthy for the individual and the society, however we can’t seem to find the way out of it. What can be done? Taking time to focus on true values and priorities is a place one can… Read More »WAKE UP! Overcoming Unconscious Programming

Spiritual Nourishment

Our psychological state can become weak if we don’t feed our hearts. Just as the rest of the body needs nourishment, so does the soul. It is important to ask yourself what nourishes your spirit?! For some people this nourishment may come from a simple, peaceful walk in nature. Others couple this activity with listening to motivational talks, or spiritual music. Some people like to have spiritual conversations with uplifting friends, or watch spiritual movies,… Read More »Spiritual Nourishment

Corporate Coaching: Benefits of Positive Psychology in the Workplace

“Yay! I’m so glad it’s Monday! I’m so happy to go into work!!!” Is this what you say at the beginning of every week? Don’t feel badly if it’s not. Most people have a hard time getting motivated on Monday… but what if this were how you truly felt? What if you LOVED what you did for a living?! If you’re lucky enough to be a successful entrepreneur or business owner, then you may know… Read More »Corporate Coaching: Benefits of Positive Psychology in the Workplace