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The Happiness Advantage

I’ve just finished reading The Happiness Advantage, by Harvard’s Shawn Achor.  It was a great read, full of engaging stories and evidence to amplify his points! He discusses Positive Psychology and the breakthrough research that becoming
happy should happen BEFORE success (and not after it as most people beleive)!

The Happiness Advantage refers to the fact that happier people are actually scientifically proven to be able to use more of their brains, to see more options, and resources and to consequently be more successful.  Achor applies this to businesses where he provides consulting services, teaching that joy and optimism fuel peak performance and achievement.  In fact, cultivating happiness allows humans to reach their potentials across the board, not only in work, but in social life, health, relationships, wealth, etc.

As a society, we have been trained that reaching for success will allow for happiness to come to us.  In reality, becoming happier, more capable people, is what brings success to us!

Enjoy the download of the book as a free pdf here!

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