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The Necessity and Magnificence of Solitude

If this year has taught us anything, it could be the ability to thrive in solitude. Quarantine lockdown left many people with significantly less socializing outlets. While we adapted with online meetings, most people were forced to come to deeper resonance with themselves. 

Learning to thrive in solitude is so important. We have been given a magnificent opportunity. Meditating, healing your own emotions, and learning to cultivate a peaceful inner world is essential for a blissful life. If you don’t know how to quiet your mind and problem-solve with wisdom (that is, seeking inner divine perspectives about life issues in order to self-heal and grow) then you probably won’t be very peaceful. And a person with unhealed traumas who cannot stand to be alone with themselves suffers in most areas of life. 

For one thing, people around a restless person them can sense the subtle vibrational discord within them, and this can make social interaction awkward or uncomfortable on both sides. 

Luckily there is always opportunity to grow, heal, and to create a realm of peace within. Once a person can cultivate peace and positivity within, it is as if they have a kingdom of heaven in their own heart! They can feel contentment and satisfaction when alone. This is the magnificence of solitude. And then they can carry this peaceful vibration to their interactions with others. 

If you are ready to begin to master this yourself, you can purchase my Inner Peace Program, or just begin with with the Self Healing Meditations MP3s.

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