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What if you could become happier and more peaceful in just a few easy steps??

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Why should you Do Meditation and Positive Thinking?

Dr. Rahman helps you to regain sovereignty over your inner kingdom using a unique blend of spirituality and positive thinking!

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About Dr. Rahman Beckwith

~Dr. Rahman Beckwith integrates positive thinking techniques and spirituality to create unique approaches to wellness. A graduate of Princeton University, she is a global speaker and the author of many books, e-courses, and Mp3s/CDs available on Amazon.com and her website http://www.DrRahmanBeckwith.wordpress.com. Find her many videos on YouTube. Follow her Facebook page Holistic Therapy with Dr. Rahman and her Instagram, Dr.RahmanBeckwith, for updates!


This is the first e-course I have taken like this. I feel the enthusiasm, the sense of joy and positivity that you are emanating through the video recordings are very beneficial and uplifting, definitely transmitting happiness.


Your course helped me a great deal to pinpoint key blocks, patterns & behaviors that have been limiting my capacity to truly live and experience a happy, rewarding and fulfilling life. Already a big shift has occurred for me.


In your last guided meditation, I really felt something. Something different than my own inner peace. It was definitely something stronger, full of light. The feeling was powerful and I knew it was not me, it was a presence, a higher power.