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Angels and Demons… With Whom Do You Serve?

Introspection. Self-Awareness. Mystical knowledge of the realms within. Do you have it?

During my counseling of someone recently, it came to light that most people are not aware of their impulses. I explained to this client that it appears that they sometimes follow lower impulses. To put it another way, they foster and nourish their demons. 

While the vast cosmos exists within us all, it is up to us whether we foster a heaven or a hell within. Put simply, if we align with the higher forces such as love, compassion, kindness etc., then we are existing as Light Beings, drawing from our Divine form and powers.

If, however, we follow impulses such as anger, fear, greed, etc., then we are working in the realms of the dark forces. 

One tricky problem that can come up for people is that serving the lower emotions can actually FEEL good in the moment. There can be a rush of adrenaline, or satisfaction that can come and actually nourish those darker forces. 

So it is very important to be aware of our internal motivations. We want our thoughts and actions to be coming from the highest possible states of consciousness. We should strive to act from Divine Love, Peace, Justice, and Grace….

So, good luck on this! If you need help in becoming a more peaceful person in order to achieve this, feel free to check out any of the meditations, books, or ecourses in my store at DrRahmanBeckwith.com  https://drrahmanbeckwith.com/bc708-shop/

All of my love to you! 

Rahman Beckwith, PsyD

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