Financial Stability and Peace of Mind

Do you agree that being a stable, centered, spiritual being means having a sound grasp of your material and financial wellbeing? Some people avoid issues around prosperity because of hidden fears regarding their finances. Conceptions around lack of money may have been learned at an early age, and not yet been resolved within one’s mind. The good news is that you CAN CHANGE YOUR ABUNDANCE MINDSET!  By making the intention to take steps towards an… Daha fazlasını oku »Financial Stability and Peace of Mind

Investing Psychology

Investing and Psychology  Right now is an exciting time for those who are in the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. But investing can have a lot of psychological ups and downs.  In order to have a balanced approach to investing, it is important to be CLEAR. I teach weekly meditation classes, and I have many guided meditation videos on YouTube.  In addition to establishing your inner, spiritual clarity it can be helpful to… Daha fazlasını oku »Investing Psychology

7 Ways to Refresh Your Morning

Besides the obvious tips of brushing your teeth, or making your bed I have developed a routine for positive energy flow in the mornings!  Open the windows (even if it’s cold) for a burst of fresh air for a few minutes. You can even put on a fan to create air flow. I think I first read this from Deepak Chopra’s work and I love to do it now! Use essential oils. I use them… Daha fazlasını oku »7 Ways to Refresh Your Morning

6 Tips to Beat Winter Lockdown Blues

Philadelphia just closed down for quarantine. London closed a few weeks ago. Many places are promoting solitude, and it looks like we will have a long winter, but you can make the most of it!! Here are some great ideas that you might like to try: Get FRESH AIR. Whether you can go outside or at least open your windows, take some conscious breaths, meditating on the vibrant oxygen that is fresh from nature. Enjoy… Daha fazlasını oku »6 Tips to Beat Winter Lockdown Blues

6 Reasons Why You Need Positive Socializing!

During these unique global times when it can be harder to keep up your normal social interactions, I thought it would be good to remind you why POSITIVE SOCIAL INTERACTION is so important! Positive Socializing allows us to REINFORCE our positive thoughts and beliefs by sharing them verbally. While you may not have mastered POSITIVE Self-Talk (click here for a great FREE meditation to help you with that!) when you are with others, you may… Daha fazlasını oku »6 Reasons Why You Need Positive Socializing!