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Video: 7 Tips For Empaths

(From Keeping the Saints Sane- A Humorous Guide to Surviving As A Spiritual Being in A Material World by Dr. Rahman Beckwith)

Signs of being an empath, or someone who sense other people’s energy include

  • feeling overwhelmed in crowded places, malls etc.
  • Sensitivity to strong-willed people (you know, those who have an agenda for you! – they want something and believe that YOU are pivotal for their plans)
  • Even feeling sensitivities to the energy of foods or products that were prepared in certain ways

You’re not “overly sensitive”, you’re perfect and you have a gift and a skill!


Here are 7 tips we discuss about managing your skills and sensitivity (from the book Keeping the Saints Sane- A Humorous Guide to Surviving as a Spiritual Being in a Material World, by Dr. Rahman Beckwith) :

1.Use discernment with spiritual practices – You can throw off your personal calibration by engaging in practices, entering locations, connecting with people etc that aren’t in harmony with you
2.Spend time in nature and alone. – this can be the remedy for the above by giving you time to recharge
3.Eat well, right foods in right amounts
4. Question your desires, goals and intentions to make sure they are REALLY GENUINELY yours!
5. Sleep well. Try to get the right amounts at the right times- I have a spiritual teacher who emphasized the benefits of waking before sunrise (at 4am in fact!) to meditate. To learn more read my book The Early Morning Princess available on Amazon here.

6. Keep yourself nourished by your personal Projects. The best way to avoid being knocked around or pulled by other people is to have a strong sense of purpose yourself. Maintaining that clarify can provide an insulation from the pushy energy of others.
7. Do your spiritual practices.. again, having a strong sense of your inner self is your most powerful defense against outer, intrusive energy.

Watch my video on the topic here!










Disclaimer: This information is meant purely educational and entertainment value.  Please follow suggestions at your own discretion and seek professional help if you need psychological help.

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