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What is Procrastination?

With this fall season upon us, many people have been slowing down, manifesting cold and allergy symptoms, and not having the same zest for living as they had in the summer.  While part of this may be a natural process that we can accept, procrastination also occurs and projects that we fully intend to do, may not be started.  Why would people who want to move forward or change in some way, not be able to manifest the energy to do so?!

In a society that is so focused on material efforts and outcomes, little is said about lining up energy.  Procrastination often occurs when we are not in mental or spiritual alignment with our goals.  This means that while we may WISH for something, we may have strong beliefs or fears that keep us from moving forward towards that goal.

Spending time doing inner work surrounding your chosen issue could help.  For example, if you want to make a career change, meditate on fulfillment, purpose or abundance. Come into alignment with those areas and see what the resulting change brings to you.  Or if you want to change your physical body, envision being healthy, happy and making small steps towards increased wellness.  Doing these things BEFORE trying to do the physical actions may help you to feel more ready to move forward.

Good luck! For more help on moving forward check out my wellness coaching services!


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