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Self Healing Meditation      

With this guided relaxation tool, you can allow your body to restore itself to its natural state of health!  (Mp3 and written format are both included.) Send payment via paypal below and email to order!  $8


Zikr Breathing Meditation

Based upon a method taught by ancient masters from the East, this breathing meditation helps to elevate and clear your mind and body, and to ultimately connect you with the Divine! (Mp3) Send payment via paypal below and email to order!  $8.


A Healing Journey 
Guided imagery meditation

This audio takes you into a deep meditation where you will visit a healing garden and receive vibrational healing. Since the mind is a powerful healing tool, by focusing your mind in this way, you are actually allowing healing to occur. (Mp3)  Send payment via paypal below and email to order! $8.


You Are God-A Handbook for the Divine in Each of Us Audio-book read by the author Dr. Rahman BeckwithThis book is a panacea, a medicine that can heal all of life’s problems. It contains consciousness-lifting concepts, which address the various issues in life. (Mp3 or CD) Send payment via paypal below and email to order!  Mp3 $12.99, or CD (available upon request)…


.Self Healing Meditations- Mp3s or CDIncludes the 3 tracks above – Self Healing Meditation, Zikr Breathing Meditation and A Healing Journey, Guided imagery Meditation.  (CD)  Send payment via paypal below and email to order!  $24.99 (plus S&H) THIS AD




Past Life Regression- Mp3s or CD      Do you wonder if your soul had past experiences on earth (or elsewhere!) that contributed to who you are today? I have created a new Past Life Regression Meditation. You can travel back with me to learn about your previous incarnations. You may uncover valuable information about your health, habits, phobias, relationships, career, lifestyle preferences and dislikes and much more! 

Use the recording to have as many past life journeys as you like! You can also schedule follow-up consultation sessions to discuss your discoveries. To order this new MP3 (or CD) email me at!     MP3 $25        CD available upon request.



Keeping the Saints Sane- A Humorous Guide to Surviving as a Spiritual Being in a Material World

This book is a companion for those on the spiritual path who are discovering themselves and their gifts.

It offers reflections in a fun and compassionate tone, validating the unique experiences shared among those who are developing their inner selves. (See full description below. in book section.) Mp3 format. $12.99  Send payment via paypal below and email to order.  CD available upon request.