Spirituality and Depression

You can be spiritual without fully developing your emotional wellness, and this offers an interesting dilemma. While spirituality often increases capacities for wisdom and insight, which can make one more peaceful and joyful, this is not always utilized to the fullest extent. This means that while you may meditate to clear your mind, you may come back to your day and then resume thinking negative thoughts that bring you down. The dangers of being spiritual without emotional… Read More »Spirituality and Depression

Illness and Your Attitude- how they affect each other

Illness and how you feel about your illness are two subjects. But interestingly how you perceive your condition can heal it. Your mind and body are so connected that the way you think about your physical state actually has a large affect on it! If you feel guilt about letting yourself fall ill, fear about your physical weakness, or anxiety about time lost due to sickness for example, you are likely contributing to weakening your… Read More »Illness and Your Attitude- how they affect each other