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E=Mc… Why you need to Meditate!

Disclaimer – this article may be a bit over the heads of some people but it is basically a theoretical mathematical proof that meditation builds your light body. Takeaway point: meditate! It can increase your energy…. A few years ago I had a dream that the new equation representing matter-energy equivalency was E=mc. In the dream I was running around, excited to tell people about Light…. As a graduate of Princeton, I have been introduced… Read More »E=Mc… Why you need to Meditate!

Corporate Coaching: Benefits of Positive Psychology in the Workplace

“Yay! I’m so glad it’s Monday! I’m so happy to go into work!!!” Is this what you say at the beginning of every week? Don’t feel badly if it’s not. Most people have a hard time getting motivated on Monday… but what if this were how you truly felt? What if you LOVED what you did for a living?! If you’re lucky enough to be a successful entrepreneur or business owner, then you may know… Read More »Corporate Coaching: Benefits of Positive Psychology in the Workplace

The Happiness Advantage

I’ve just finished reading The Happiness Advantage, by Harvard’s Shawn Achor.  It was a great read, full of engaging stories and evidence to amplify his points! He discusses Positive Psychology and the breakthrough research that becoming happy should happen BEFORE success (and not after it as most people beleive)! The Happiness Advantage refers to the fact that happier people are actually scientifically proven to be able to use more of their brains, to see more… Read More »The Happiness Advantage