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Peace of Mind

It is important for humans to recognize the nature of their own minds. Often we agonize or feel deprived because we have not achieved a certain goal set forth by our mind. However the truth may be that achieving that may actually not satisfy us at all, or even do us harm! Even in the case that we are temporarily satisfied by our accomplishment, the mind comes up with another future goal to set its… Read More »Peace of Mind

Let Go of Your Questions

I’ve just returned from a fabulous tour of Europe which featured Positive Thinking workshops!  As thrilling as it was to see Spain, France, Malta and Italy, the lessons that I bring back from the seminars are just as valuable as the rich cultural experience! One point that stayed with me from the talks was about the idea of letting go of your questions.  Many people remain in a state of questioning, and are distressed because… Read More »Let Go of Your Questions

12 Ways To Maintain Balance in Relationships

You consider yourself a level-headed spiritual person. But when certain relationships come along, they can knock you off of your center. Well here are 12 easy ways to maintain harmony in your relationships. These tips can be applied to any type of relationship, whether romantic, familial, friendship, professional, etc. 1- Enjoy self responsibility. Remember that what other people do is less important than the fact that you create your own reality and experiences. 2- Since… Read More »12 Ways To Maintain Balance in Relationships

How to Create Your BOUNDARIES from an Energetic Perspective

As spiritual beings we are all connected but discomfort generally occurs when one is not connected to themselves. Then our interactions with others can be overwhelming and cause confusion. In order to have good boundaries I would suggest two elements: 1. Have a strong spiritual routine to keep you centered and in touch with your True Self 2. Find ways to be grounded (eating well, spending time in nature, exercising, receiving massage etc). If your… Read More »How to Create Your BOUNDARIES from an Energetic Perspective

How to Get Unstuck- Journal!

Most people have a lot of issues floating around in their heads and lives. Why is this happening? What should I do about that? How can I improve this? Why am I stuck in this area…? A great technique for unveiling solutions lies in journaling. If you make a list of your questions, you both clarify the issues in your mind, and set up a pathway for clear insights to flow to you regarding the… Read More »How to Get Unstuck- Journal!