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Exercise for Happiness

Even with the hot summer weather that we are having on the eastern coast of the USA, you can still find ways to move your body!  Swimming during the day, and walking/running outside during the early morning or evening could provide relief from the heat as well as much needed physical exertion.  So do not use the heat as an excuse to avoid moving your body!  There are too many psychological benefits that you can… Read More »Exercise for Happiness

Your Inner GPS

How many people blindly follow their GPS-es to get where they need to go? In doing so, many have actually de-activated their natural spatial locator in their brain. They have not exercised the capacity of creating complex mental maps and thus have become entirely reliant upon external guidance. Using intuition is a similar process! Instead of following the masses and popular opinion, or blindly following those people close to you, it is important that you… Read More »Your Inner GPS

Psychosomatic Allergies and Illnesses

As we come into the beautiful spring season here on the East Coast of the USA, I am inspired to write about symptoms which I have been observing. The dictionary defines psychosomatic as: (of a physical illness or other condition) caused or aggravated by a mental factor such as internal conflict or stress and • of or relating to the interaction of mind and body. The mass consciousness of our species has not yet reached… Read More »Psychosomatic Allergies and Illnesses

How to live a Productive, Satisfying Life!

It’s time for a whole new approach to life! I just returned from days of lectures in the beautiful Caribbean surrounding the topic of establishing a PRODUCTIVE, POSITIVE MINDSET! An important take-away message from the conference is summarized below. Most people are reactive, living daily experiences in a half-awake state. They move through habitual motions of life and simply RESPOND or REACT to what they see.  While this may seem normal, it is usually not… Read More »How to live a Productive, Satisfying Life!

Divine Love- a healer of the psyche

Happy Valentine’s Day! On this auspicious day which celebrates love, I want to address an important topic-DIVINE LOVE.  I have found that the secret to healing most, if not all, human ills lies in this. In moments of meditation, peaceful enjoyment of nature, stillness, or when experiencing compassion, beautiful music or other such soul inspiration, one can taste a hint of this Divine Love. There is a wellspring of this love and peace in our… Read More »Divine Love- a healer of the psyche