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How to live a Productive, Satisfying Life!

It’s time for a whole new approach to life!

I just returned from days of lectures in the beautiful Caribbean surrounding the topic of establishing a PRODUCTIVE, POSITIVE MINDSET! An important take-away message from the conference is summarized below.

Most people are reactive, living daily experiences in a half-awake state. They move through habitual motions of life and simply RESPOND or REACT to what they see.  While this may seem normal, it is usually not very satisfying or empowering.  In fact, living this way does not do justice to human potential!

As spiritual beings, we are connected to inner guidance. We have the capacity to use our intuition to align with our highest path through establishing peace. In this state of non-resistance we can then follow inspired impulses toward reaching our highest goals.

In order to become aligned with our higher wisdom, meditation is important. I have been waking up to meditate for several hours before sunrise and it has been an AMAZING practice which can really help start a person to start the day well.

Additionally, establishing a POSITIVE MINDSET is important to this process. For help with this, see my wellness coaching services here, and YouTube video series and books!

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