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Exercise for Happiness

Even with the hot summer weather that we are having on the eastern coast of the USA, you can still find ways to move your body!  Swimming during the day, and walking/running outside during the early morning or evening could provide relief from the heat as well as much needed physical exertion.  So do not use the heat as an excuse to avoid moving your body!  There are too many psychological benefits that you can reap from exercise!

According to research done by the American Psychological Association, exercise is a key factor in boosting mood- IMMEDIATELY.  There are few other treatments that are effective at increasing joy after just 5 minutes, as well as good for the body as a whole!  Additionally, exercise helps to improve long term issues such as anxiety and depression, and to diminish social anxiety according to research (

Walking sessions for clients are now available!  Inquire here.  This type of session can help your brain’s ability to process new positive information and may lead to faster healing results.

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