Clear Your Mind- Move Energy and Change Patterns

I just returned from a cruise through Europe and I have to say that traveling is an incredible method for clearing the mind!  But you don’t have to visit 6 counties, as I did, in order to get results.  Simply changing your routines and trying new activities can shake up your energy enough to be effective. Our bodies are biochemical factories that follow routines.  We feel impulses about when and what to eat, when to… Read More »Clear Your Mind- Move Energy and Change Patterns

Reaching for Joy

Sometimes we are having one of those days that didn’t start out well, or when we don’t feel 100% ourselves.  That does not mean we can’t reach for happiness!  Or at least we can monitor our thoughts and feel better than we did a minute before. That is the beauty in seeking peace and joy; even if we don’t reach levels of ecstasy every day (for example if we’re really tired one day), we can… Read More »Reaching for Joy

The Happiness Advantage

I’ve just finished reading The Happiness Advantage, by Harvard’s Shawn Achor.  It was a great read, full of engaging stories and evidence to amplify his points! He discusses Positive Psychology and the breakthrough research that becoming happy should happen BEFORE success (and not after it as most people beleive)! The Happiness Advantage refers to the fact that happier people are actually scientifically proven to be able to use more of their brains, to see more… Read More »The Happiness Advantage

Time Travel (Or Rewriting Memory Patterns)

I have recently become aware of the poignant power that visualization offers. Since the mind is unable to differentiate between visuals that are contrived by imagination and those that are truly seen, or remembered, we have a beautiful opportunity. We can change the past since it only exists in our memories and not as a tangible external reality. This means, if you have a memory that causes you pain, you can go back to the… Read More »Time Travel (Or Rewriting Memory Patterns)