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Clear Your Mind- Move Energy and Change Patterns

I just returned from a cruise through Europe and I have to say that traveling is an incredible method for clearing the mind!  But you don’t have to visit 6 counties, as I did, in order to get results.  Simply changing your routines and trying new activities can shake up your energy enough to be effective.

Our bodies are biochemical factories that follow routines.  We feel impulses about when and what to eat, when to sleep, and what to feel and to think.  These thoughts and emotions are often a mixture of our responses to our surroundings, and what we have been accustomed to thinking.

In order to have purposeful control over your mental/emotional state, it is useful to break old patterns by changing your routine!  If you normally have your coffee in one particular spot, have it somewhere new instead.  Try to make some new, inspired choices today!

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