Time Travel (Or Rewriting Memory Patterns)

I have recently become aware of the poignant power that visualization offers.

Since the mind is unable to differentiate between visuals that are contrived by imagination and those that are truly seen, or remembered, we have a beautiful opportunity. We can change the past since it only exists in our memories and not as a tangible external reality.

This means, if you have a memory that causes you pain, you can go back to the memory and REWRITE IT! This new created memory will overwrite the old circuits in your brain and will disrupt the negative memory patterns that you had running in the old programming.

The magic of this virtual time travel is that it affects your mood in the current time. AND it can even potentially affect the other people who were involved in the situations. For example people may suddenly come back into your life once energies have been reconciled.

So the next time you have a persistent memory that bothers you, try changing it! You are empowered to create your own happiness! Your mind is a powerful tool once you learn how to truly use it.

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