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WAKE UP! Overcoming Unconscious Programming

As a society we have come to exalt distorted values and to repress what should truly be exalted. For example, qualities such as compassion, generosity and kindness are often seen as weak and unnecessary while materialism dominates.  This is unhealthy for the individual and the society, however we can’t seem to find the way out of it. What can be done? Taking time to focus on true values and priorities is a place one can… Read More »WAKE UP! Overcoming Unconscious Programming

Can Someone BECOME your Twin Flame?!? Relieving the Psychological Stress of Waiting for “The One

WHAT IF TWIN FLAMES ARE NOT BORN, BUT MADE?? This may seem like wishful thinking. The idea that your ideal match, your twin soul, the one who can help you to reach your highest potential, is not someone who is elusive, as is popularly believed, but rather the person right in front of you is monumental! But could it be true??!! Let’s take a look at twin flame lure… You can read a lot on… Read More »Can Someone BECOME your Twin Flame?!? Relieving the Psychological Stress of Waiting for “The One


(Note: This article turned out a bit longer than I expected but it is worth your attention: IT COULD CHANGE YOUR REALITY AND LIFE! You could become EXTRAORDINARY!…) Many of mankind’s concerns come from worry about PROVISION and SECURITY. This article addresses that in a way that will rock your world…. So I have known about the concept of Absolute Divine Unity from the lightning strikingly clear teachings of Abdul Quadir Jilani (ral.) for some… Read More »ABSOLUTE DIVINE UNITY vs. ENERGETIC VAMPIRISM

Psychosomatic Allergies and Illnesses

As we come into the beautiful spring season here on the East Coast of the USA, I am inspired to write about symptoms which I have been observing. The dictionary defines psychosomatic as: (of a physical illness or other condition) caused or aggravated by a mental factor such as internal conflict or stress and • of or relating to the interaction of mind and body. The mass consciousness of our species has not yet reached… Read More »Psychosomatic Allergies and Illnesses

How to live a Productive, Satisfying Life!

It’s time for a whole new approach to life! I just returned from days of lectures in the beautiful Caribbean surrounding the topic of establishing a PRODUCTIVE, POSITIVE MINDSET! An important take-away message from the conference is summarized below. Most people are reactive, living daily experiences in a half-awake state. They move through habitual motions of life and simply RESPOND or REACT to what they see.  While this may seem normal, it is usually not… Read More »How to live a Productive, Satisfying Life!