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 Abundance Consciousness

The way that we think is so valuable! Everything else stems from that….

So many people experience psychological unrest due to concerns around money. They worry that something in their world will become unstable. However, the amazing secret to wealth begins, like all other things, within! Additionally, your consciousness, meaning your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and spiritual connection, can CREATE wealth!

We see wealthy people who do not feel peaceful, so we must conclude that material wealth alone cannot make people feel abundant. Items are not to be relied upon. Rather a person must cultivate a CONSCIOUSNESS OF ABUNDANCE to feel wealthy, and THEN material circumstances tend to line up in their favor. And whether or not they do, the person can be happy in any case because they are rich in consciousness!

How does one cultivate a consciousness of abundance? First one must know what true wealth is. Emotional wealth is non-material and consists of peace, harmony, appreciation, love, joy, well being, compassion, hope, faith, optimism, etc. These positive feelings come from within, and those who have them are among the most fortunate people!

Once this inner state of appreciation and well being are accomplished SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY can occur whereby outer circumstances can present more positive outcomes. One’s material well being can begin to manifest as a reflection of the inner state of abundance that the individual has cultivated.

This occurs through the inner spiritual connection being strong; the one who is abundant in consciousness has created a direct connection to the Source of all inspiration and is truly resourceful. This means that the one who is rich in consciousness is INSPIRED to productive and abundant ideas and activities. This RECEPTIVITY comes due to the new clear, open, abundant mindset that has been cultivated. You might be inspired to invest well, to be in the right place at the right time to optimize your life with prosperous emotions, health, relationships, items, experiences, dwellings, vehicles, teachings, wisdom, activities, enjoyment, travels, connections, friends, family, etc. As long as one remains receptive to the Universal mind of abundance which flows eternally, then one can truly feel SECURE.

So how do you know if you have this abundance consciousness? You can ask yourself, do you FEEL ABUNDANT? Do you feel APPRECIATIVE most of the time? If you do, things are probably getting better and better for you. If, however, you are like most people and need some support in learning to live in a state of appreciation, contact me for wellness coaching services!

Dr. Rahman Beckwith integrates positive psychology and spirituality to create unique approaches to wellness. She is the author of a number of books, e-courses and audios. Find her books on Follow her Facebook page Holistic Therapy with Dr. Rahman or email her to subscribe to her newsletter for updates.








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