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4 Reasons Why Quarantine Is So Good For You

In many spiritual traditions a retreat is a time to get closer to the Divine that is within yourself and all around you.

This year we have been lucky enough to have quarantine fall during the Spring, which is full of spiritual holidays such as a Easter, Passover and Ramadan.

So how can you benefit from this time?

1. Break Cumbersome Worldly Routines 

When the world is open, it is easy to get caught up in routines but now we are able to stop habits which may have been draining our energies. Where did you go regularly that you are now taking a welcomed break from?

2. Have More Time For Inner Work

I have been using this time to take extra online courses and read books… By the way, my Positive Thinking and Self Esteem E-courses are on sale for 50% off! (Use code QUARANTINE50 when checking out)

3. Appreciate Nature

Now that our ability to go outside is limited, we can really enjoy and bask in those few minutes of sun, fresh air and nature that we are able to get.

4. Balance Alone Time and Connection

With socializing being restructured into online meetings, calls and video chats, we can be selective about how we spend our time. We can practice positive socializing in healthy ways, while also allowing ourselves quiet time for inner contemplation.

There are probably many other wonderful things about this unique time on our earth. What do you think? Share your comments below!


~Dr. Rahman Beckwith integrates Positive Psychology and spirituality to create unique approaches to wellness. A graduate of Princeton University, she is a global speaker and the author of many books, e-courses, and Mp3s/CDs available on and her website Find her many videos on YouTube. Follow her Facebook page Holistic Therapy with Dr. Rahman and her Instagram, Dr.RahmanBeckwith, for updates!

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