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I have recently come to understand the distinction between GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION.  I have been happy to be an increasingly frequent practicer of gratitude, but have discovered that appreciation allows for even greater joy!

Gratitude is the enjoyment of a circumstance, situation, person, etc., from the standpoint of contrast.  For example, we say, “I am sooo grateful for this summer heat after that long winter that we had.”  While this method of appreciating by contrast certainly yields feelings of positivity, I have learned an even purer method for enhancing joy.

Appreciation allows one to savor the moment and to be thankful without having to put the thankfulness in terms of contrasting circumstances.  For example, one might say “I am sooo appreciative of the summer season, where I can swim, and take walks on the beautiful summer evenings!”

So while gratitude certainly lifts one’s mood, appreciation can lift it even more because with appreciation, there is not even a memory of a distasteful contrasting circumstance.

I appreciate you, my readers!  And I appreciate your comments and feedback!  Feel free to share how you practice appreciation in your life!

If you want to learn how to enhance your joy and appreciation, contact me for sessions here!

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