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Coping Mechanisms

In the wake of the 2016 Presidential Election, many people are needing to call upon their personal emotional self-soothing mechanisms.  I am amazed at the beauty of the process that I am observing within each individual.  Human brains are highly adaptive and can cope with events incredibly well.

Many people are finding reasons why the result turned out as it did, and placating themselves with thoughts such as “Perhaps we are being protected from something worse”, or, “Maybe it won’t really be so bad, we’ve lived through worse before”, or “Maybe this will truly bring about a positive change in the future through some surprising course of events”.  Optimism is edging out fear in most people’s mind.

In a way, we are graced by events where things do not turn out as we desired because it gives us an opportunity to tap into our inner power to create peace for ourselves within.  When the outer reality challenges our feelings of security, empowerment, peace, harmony, justice, etc., it is an opportunity for us to practice cultivating those feelings on the inside.  When we are pushed to connect with our True Self, we are lucky to find these beautiful soothing feelings waiting for us inside of us.  This is the way to change your experience of the world, and to change the world at large.

If you would like help on attaining this wellness within please see my coaching services.

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