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7 Ways to Refresh Your Morning

Besides the obvious tips of brushing your teeth, or making your bed I have developed a routine for positive energy flow in the mornings! 

  1. Open the windows (even if it’s cold) for a burst of fresh air for a few minutes. You can even put on a fan to create air flow. I think I first read this from Deepak Chopra’s work and I love to do it now!
  2. Use essential oils. I use them on my body as well as to clean my space (for example a drop of peppermint can be used to dust the floor.)
  3. Light a candle or incense. If you can safely add some ambiance and positive fragrance these are great additions to your meditation space! 
  4. Journal positive thoughts and intentions! You can establish your mental patterns early in the day. Check out my new Gratitude Journal here
  5. Stretch, move around, get your blood flowing. Breathe deeply. 
  6. Meditate, smiling and facing the sun so that your body recognizes that it’s daytime (the light on your eyes stimulates your internal clock). Check out my meditation video here
  7. Have a spiritual practice. Besides meditating I sometimes like to do a little bit of spiritual reading in the morning to lift up my thoughts. Check out some of my spiritual books in my shop such as this one!

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