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Investing Psychology

Investing and Psychology 

Right now is an exciting time for those who are in the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. But investing can have a lot of psychological ups and downs. 

In order to have a balanced approach to investing, it is important to be CLEAR. I teach weekly meditation classes, and I have many guided meditation videos on YouTube. 

In addition to establishing your inner, spiritual clarity it can be helpful to have a targeted investment plan with entry and exit strategies, an understanding of what you are investing in, and a broader understanding of general market behavior

To this end, my colleague and I are actually offering COMPLETE BEGINNERS GUIDE TO CRYPTOCURRENCY AND INVESTING ONLINE Workshops! Space is limited. Visit   for more information. 

This is also a great time to INVEST IN YOURSELF. So check out the several E-Courses that I have created for you! 

Build Your Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence E-Course for Youth (And Adults!)

Think Happy Thoughts — Positive Thinking E-Course

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